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You've hit the nail on the head...

Going to the border of Groom is what it's all about. Go with good friends, spend a long weekend. You'll find that less than 1% of your time will be spent reconnoitring the base -- the desert itself is far too captivating.

I'm not speaking for Joerg, but if I had to guess I'd say this website connects those who HAVE been to the area around Groom. And, let's those who haven't live an exciting life vicariously through those that have.

There are plenty of tidbits that don't get uploaded here, most are rather mundane. Like the F-117A Webmaster said, we knew of BoP years in advance (through the shoulder patch) and now that the bird has been revealed it all makes sense (except for the canards on the patch!)...

In closing: Basically, Groom is just another boring test facility, so don't write more into it than is there.


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