Re: Bird of Freedom: The F-35 is just a mini f-22

Message posted by aaron Johnson on April 07, 2003 at 1:00:03 PST:

The F-35 is just a mini F/A-22 after all, come on lockheed won the contract for the JSF. When it rolls out fully operational i'll just yawn at it. probably doesnt even have vector thurst tail feathers like it's big brother raptor. To put in some perspective here first came the F-15 eagle and then f-16 falcon. notice some similiarities of those two. yepp the airforce boy's these days are no foo foo's and frills. Just like the yf-22 and yf-23 is awesome looking bird, but what did the dull boring committee go for the average looking f/a 22. yepp bureuacracies are real eye sore and it shows up in their picking of planes as well.

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