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I don't know why everyone are now "all excited" about the British stealth effort, which has been known for years, but just ooficially acknowledged by the British lads. It all started with the "flurry" of reports about the British "HALO = High Agility, Low Observable"
program a few years ago. The first flight of a HALO prototype/proof-of-concept was an un-manned craft - seen by many (in Britain, near Warton), - even photo-ed
by one observer.

Replica concept was reported in AW&ST in mid-90's, not by name though. The Brits and the Yanks have co-operated on a lot of (under code names starting with "Royal") top secret program - starting with the Manhatten Project in the 1940s. Stealth is just an extension of that type of co-operation. If one looks closely enough, one can see a resemblance to a McDonnell Douglas (Phantom Works) concept - it's illustrated in Bill Sweetman's book on stealth projects.

One such project was DARPA/and their British equivalent was called "Black Light," a feature on both Bird of Prey and Replica - visual stealth.

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