Re: Area 51 Workers/Airspace

Message posted by lone wolf on April 01, 2003 at 13:04:06 PST:

I have photographs taken from the McCarran parking garage of the Janets being loaded with cargo, and heard a C17 on the Groom tower. So yes, janets and military planes lane there. [I even got a photo of a c17 at DRA, which could also be used in a round about manner to bring something to Groom.] However, the claim was made boeing and lockheed civilian planes regularly land at Groom. I'd just like some evidence of this, since the civilian planes would have to file a flight plane with ATC then veer off course. Now ATC is part of the scam with the Janets, but they same under the table deal would have to be set up for any other civilian flight going to Groom.

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