Re: Area 51 Workers/Airspace

Message posted by Frank Stamm on March 31, 2003 at 20:34:41 PST:

When entering the Desert MOA (Military Ops Area)pilots are notified on charts to contact Nellis control on 124.45 or nearist FSS (flight service ststion) prior to entering. There are freqs listed for special military activity also. I have spoken (pre 9/11) to sector controlers about clearances near Groom. There didnt seem to be any problem between No. Las Vegas aprt and Alamo. I would suggest flying any further west from Alamo might create an alert unless prior arrangement has been made with Nellis. ANYONE thinking of penetrating R-4808N in a civilian aircraft would be, in my opinion, considered hostile. I dont think any trained pilot would even consider it. There are civilian regestered aircraft flying in and out of Groom but they are corporate types owned and operated by contractors such as Lockeed, Boeing ect.

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