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Message posted by lone wolf on March 16, 2003 at 21:03:24 PST:

The flight number doesn't change from civilian to military, just the "preable" in the callsign and the squawk, to my recollection. That is, Janet 201 would become Black 201. [Black used as an example as the name changes.] However, Janet 201 would show up on the tracking software as WWW201, that is, neither Janet or the military callsign is used. Now where WWW comes from is a good question.

If you are making visits to McCarran for Janet snooping, you can set your scanner to 1090.0 AM. [Many scanners go out to about 1.3G to cover ham radio, but not all allow the radio to go into AM mode.] The noises you hear would be the squawks from the planes. The airport interrogates the planes on 1030.0. These freqs are the basis of the passur system, i.e it is passive radar because it just monitors the transponders.

BTW, now that I've seen these Janet routes, you can separate the TTR from Groom flights based on the information heard on the clearance freq. If the flight path mentions Beatty, it is going to the TTR, otherwise it is going to the operation near Groom Lake. I played back an old recording I had made of the clearance freq done in the morning some day in May 2002 and concluded
Groom flights: 201,212,245,256,289,278
TTR flights: 223,234,267
Thus twice as many planes go to the operation near Groom Lake as go to the TTR.

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