Re: McCarran real time flight tracker

Message posted by zipper on March 16, 2003 at 15:58:12 PST:

I think "real time" is even about 10 minutes behind the actual time and sometimes someone even goofs on the designator - I saw a 72Q instead of 73Q, go into the Ranch track at around 14K the other day and when I used the flytecom schedule all the times matched up - when it returned to LAS it was correctly a 73Q. Another time I tracked a 752 following the Ranch track at the usual 14K alt. and just about the time it reached Indian Springs it suddenly changed to 73Q for about 1.5 minutes before the usual disappearing act once it crosses into the ranges........ Seems like the Flt numbers and designators are on all the replays, they just are not on the "realtime" tracking which I think is pretty standard.


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