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Message posted by lone wolf on March 16, 2003 at 12:59:14 PST:

Sometimes they show up in real time, but more often they don't. Sometimes you need to track the plane for a while, then the data shows up. The details nearly always show up when you play back old tracks.[I just verified this.] Look for B73Q as the aircraft type for a janet, but this is not exclusive to Janet jets. The type always shows up even if the arrival/depature field is blank.

My procedure is not to track them in real time. Rather, get the actual times of the flight from either flytecomm or
Flightview is not as friendly as flytecomm, but it has the advantage that you can retrive flights from the previous day, and it has the times in the air listed. The flight numbers seem to be consistent, so you can look at www212, 223, etc. I've made tracks of about 6 of these flights by overlaying data from passur, using the times found from flytecomm or flightview as a starting point for passur. They don't stay on the screen more than about 15 minutes, though at times you need to track multiple Janet flights. Unfortunately, they have to be viewed in real time even if delayed, so each series of overlays will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Groom flights tend to not fly very high (15K), and seem to fly a bit more to the east. Try tracking www201, which I am sure is a Groom flight.

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