Re: Wackenhut now manning roadblocks in NV & AZ

Message posted by lone wolf on March 03, 2003 at 20:31:07 PST:

San Jose used Wackenhut security for their transit police. [I think they switched back to real cops, but I'm not sure.] Anyway, I don't believe there is a legal problem using rent-a-cops to deal with the public.

I've gone through the Hoover Dam lines. They just wave me through, so I suspect some sort of profiling is being used. They may stop vans just because they have large capacity and often no windows (especially a news van). As you probably know, tractor trailers are no longer allowed over the dam.

I don't think anyone has proven that the camo dudes are Wackenhut employees. The NTS guards are from Wackenhut.

I don't suspect a conspiracy as much as I suspect the company got in early and established the market for security guards that know which direction to point a gun. [For the other kind of security guard, rent "Armed and Dangerous."]

BTW, you can find Wackenhut prison freqs on the FCC database. Searching the database, I found an unusual entry for Wackenhut, namely the freqs 464.5 and 469.5 are licensed for use "Nationwide:SOUTH OF LINE A US".

I didn't find any listings in Nevada, but if the Wackenhut firms are using federal freqs, they would not be in the FCC database, but rather the IRAC. Ronald Reagan had the IRAC classified, and wisely didn't give me clearance.

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