Re: Janet flight tracked !!

Message posted by lone wolf on February 27, 2003 at 22:33:37 PST:

It seems to me that if you logged the landing times at the TTR, you could figure out which flights go to Groom Lake by the process of elimination. That is, you have the Flytecomm list, so note the ones that go to the TTR and assume the remaining flights go to Groom Lake.

Watching the Janets land at the TTR is pretty easy from Mt. Diablo. The site doesn't have the info on Mt. Diablo anymore, but basically drive the main road to the TTR gate, carefully drive past the TTR border making sure you don't cross it (look for TTR border sign), head up the dirt road and climb the first hill on the right. It is almost like making a u-turn. You will be in clear site of the guard shack and TTR mancamp, but you are on public land.

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