Phoenix lights clarification

Message posted by darkstar55 on February 25, 2003 at 9:19:02 PST:

Hi all

I watched a US program that covered ufo's etc
it also showed Phoenix Lights which was proven to be flares dropped by the National Guard who were on training
now this has been bandied around for a while so lets put it to bed

In the program they filmed from the Exact same location , and in daylight
the conclusions were, something that was covered before but with the daylight film superimposed over the night footage you can clearly see that when the light go out they are falling below the geography of the area

The National guard also admitted to deploying flares that on the night in question

I hope this helps and closes the door on the Phoenix Lights
if you are interested in ufo's etc try looking at the Rendlesham incident (No Defence Significance?)


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