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Message posted by Spooky_Dogg on January 13, 2001 at 14:47:34 EST:

Now that's something I can respond to, as the V-22
is close to my heart having flown in Number 1 when delivered at Philadelphia prior to Bell becoming a partner in the venture. Indeed unfortunate with loss of life of many good Marines in the prime of their lives. Although MOST of the MV-22's are grounded for now, I ASSURE you that the overall program will NOT be scraped. They were to replace both the Navy and Marines current inventory, and was also on the drawing board for the Army and Air Force as well. Certainly they are investigating each of the fatal crashes for root-cause(s). MV-22 (V22) Number 1 is not affected by the ban, but that one is not used in training exercises currently. I have utmost confidence that the problem(s) will be resolved shortly. Would I fly one today? -- me, personally: YES... and, before I'm asked, let me tell you that AVIATION is NOT my field of EXPERTISE.

Kind regards to all my desert-watcher friends and I sincerely hope that you're all well-rewarded for your efforts to view the new flying TOYS.

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