Re: Area 51 "UFO" Footage From January 1990

Message posted by lone wolf on February 18, 2003 at 0:57:41 PST:

First of all, around 6:25:04, what is that building at the left of the image. I don't recognize it.Is anyone sure this was even shot outside area 51?

It looks like Bald Mountain, but reversed.

There is an interesting "chase" going on at markers 6.04 to about 7:09 (assuming someone else has Adobe Premier or software using the same marker system). A light comes up from the mountain and chases the light already hovering over the mountain. The object doing the chase is moving very fast.

Around 34:01, there is a strange artifact in the video or some dark aircraft is being photographed. However, it is only present in one frame. [Time is 6:25:15, but of course there are 30 frames in each second, so you may miss this if you are not looking carefully.]

Other than the dark artifact and the object popping up from the mountain and giving chase, the rest of the video looks "normal".

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