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Message posted by Norio Hayakawa on February 12, 2003 at 21:55:00 PST:

Let me add just a little further comment to what I just described regarding the transcript and my comment on it. As far as the letter that Gary Schultz said he received from Washington, D.C. (which he showed me), I still do not really know what to think of it. It did look authentic to me, although the spacing between WWT, Inc., U.S. Government Data Correlation Office on the letterhead seemed a little congested, space-wise, if I recall.

This letter appeared to be far more authentic than another interesting item that came out the following year, i.e., the so-called "Bluefire Memorandum".
I am now convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that the so-called "Bluefire Memorandum", originally shown to both Gary and myself in 1991 from a certain Mr. Michael Younger (whom we used to call "Mr. Mike"), was disinformation or even a prank by Mr. Younger.
Mr. Younger, who unfortunately passed away two years ago of an illness, posed, I now believe, as a self-proclaimed liaison person for an alleged group he called COM-12. It was an alleged security memo allegedly issued by the Air Force prior to the 1991 Ultimate Seminar which was organized by Gary and I and which was held in Rachel. Mr. Tom Mahood, a highly-respected, long-time researcher and presently a great contributor to the DLR discussion forum from time to time, somehow later on had gotten hold of a version of it and the word "Bluefire" that he used as part of the title of his website, originated from the title of that Memorandum, according to the explanation given to me by Mr. Mahood.
During the early 90s, I was very gullible and immature in so far as my activities and associations with people involved in Area 51 "investigations" were concerned. I have learned quite a lot since those years of my immaturity and gullibility.
However, in regards to the particular letter that Gary Schultz had received following his detainment at the Guard Shack, even to this day, I am not certain whether it is authentic or not. But nevertheless, it was and is still interesting, to say the least.

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