Re: New Road Sensors found around Area 51

Message posted by Tom on February 10, 2003 at 22:29:37 PST:

Might be a good time to dredge up some ancient history....all the way back to 1994. When Campbell first started marking a ruckus about them to the BLM, the BLM responded and ended up with some sort of "understanding" with the AF. Might be interesting to followup with the BLM area office to see if they do still indeed have an agreement with the AF (and if not, then who?), and if the 5 mile distance from the boundaries still holds. Of course, maybe these are the sacrifical sensors "they" WANT you to find, while the real ones go undetected.

History just repeats itself.....

(I added a link to the old Desert Rat story on the sensor issue)


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