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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on February 08, 2003 at 6:09:37 PST:

TRUST the media - a very important truth. Other truths we live by are;

Network news organizations are dedicated to unbiased accurate reporting.

The IRS is now a kinder, gentler organization.

Aliens (especially the greys) are ALL OVER Area 51 and actually run the commissary there.

Saddam Hussain feels real bad about the Iraqi Kurd, Iranian, American, and even family member deaths he has been responsible for, and will now roll over for the UN.

The SR-71 was removed from service with no viable replacement.

George W. Bush really is considering NOT attacking Iraq in difference to the UN's wait-and-see attitude.

Ex-President Clinton was the opening act for the Stones recently (actually that's true).

Michael Jackson REALLY has had NO facial plastic surgery like he said. Maybe just a bad industrial accident with a belt sander.

Cell phone telecommunications companies and pharmacutical companies make the BEST TV commercials.

Columbia was brought down by aliens not by a structural failure causing a loss of the left wing.

The stuff flying out of Tonopah, Edwards, AREA 51, and Palmdale will NOT be TDY to the Gulf soon.

Did I miss anything?

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