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Message posted by Homersonic on February 06, 2003 at 22:07:25 PST:

Apparently, February is not only Black History Month, it is Government Spook Disinformation month. If you will pardon this lurker for saying this, they seem to be crawling out of the woodwork right now.

Must be the "war" or whatever the hell you want to call this gamesmanship with Hussein.

"I was just thinking about Area 51, HEY, LOOK! A SHINY QUARTER!"

I wasn't born at night and I wasn't born last night either. And I believe that if there is any time to have a good, healthy critical eye on my own government, it's now. No spooky football, no conspiracy theory per se, no jaded cynicism. I'm curious and do not take my government leaders at their word. It's healthy human skepticism. And somebody asking me about "Roswell" isn't gonna stop me from being "interested" in our government's toybox.

I will now retreat to my very scary spooky corner of South Central...Ann Arbor...

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