Re: south tikaboo gate structure

Message posted by scott on January 07, 2001 at 06:19:38 EST:

Still researching it out on DOE database. Four sites are being considered and this is labeled Solar 3. I wonder if the other sited have a building like this one? I realize this isn't Coyote Springs Valley, but the area is close to the same geography and it would make sense to put it in a secure area to prevent vandalism. Aerojet is a big defense contractor and used to employ thousands up here in Sacramento. Getting into alternative energy sources isn't what they normally do. I might need to go to Pioche and search the land ownership records to figure out exactly what land they own. Apparently they plan on getting a 1,000MW power station to the NTS. That is a load of power! Sounds to me like they possibly are gearing up for a major black operation.

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