Edwards is hot lot's of bird's flew today! exotic bird watch report!

Message posted by aaron johnson on February 06, 2003 at 20:32:51 PST:

Exotic bird watchers, Norio hayakawa and Aaron Johnson arrived at the viewing place near edwards, about 2pm upon arrival norio saw the first bird ID'd as a nasa 707. Then we saw an F-15e landing at ED. Next sighted bird of mystery was small white plane that took off, suspected was a t-38. Followed by a F/A-22 raptor which turned and flew north. On the scanners heard the calling's of f-18's & f-117's but no sighting and f-16's as well one sighting landing at ED about 3:00pm. radio chatter indicated China lake was getting birds suspect f-18's and one stating carrier in sight! also posibility of war games like "red flag" going on, in and around china lake area! As we departed for home first noticed an F/A-22 Raptor departing from palmdale and then about 5 minutes later an f-117 also departed from palmdale heading NW till no longer visible!
exotic bird watch report Feb, 6th, 2003.


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