Davis Monthan Live Bombing (no A51/Rachel content)

Message posted by gary on January 05, 2001 at 02:07:18 EST:

I recall one of the readers on this forum lives near Davis Monthan. I got this post off of milcom that may be of interest to that person. To everyone else, sorry 'bout the OT post.

Hi everyone,

For those of you monitoring in the Arizona desert, maybe this
information is useful. Friday January 5, eight A-10s from the
172FS, Battle Creek, Michigan will be arriving at Davis-Monthan
AFB for a two-week "Snowbird" detachment. They will be flying
live bombing missions to the BMGR range complex, that includes
R-2301E/W, R-2304 and R-2305, starting this Saturday.

Here are the confirmed VICTOR air-to-air freqs for this unit:

V-15 140.000
V-16 139.700
V-19 139.900

That's all, would be very much interested in any logs or freqs.



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