Re: deliveries to Groom Lake

Message posted by gary on February 01, 2003 at 12:25:01 PST:

I was hoping this guy would join the list to give us more info. :-(

For an alarm near the base, I'm sure the camo dudes check them out. For anything at the far perimeter, I think the helicopter would be better. Driving to the base of Bald Mountain nearly always gets you a visit by the chopper, probably because the camo dudes are too far away. Now it may be that first the alarm goes off, then they use the fancy targetable (sp) camera on Bald Mountain to verify the intrusion, then they dispatch the chopper and camo dudes.

If the sensors are very sensitive, I'm sure they investigate many bovine intrusions, which of course is the reason why we use the bovine-cam and our longhorn suits.

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