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SeaSite is located about 8 miles SW of Straw Mountain, on the west side of a large valley (whose name escapes me). I don't know if there's a sightline from Fremont Peak, but if so it would be around 26 miles. Fremont is quite a ways from the military boundary. I have been near the boundary, a bit north of Cuddeback, and there's a radar complex visible a few miles north of the boundary, but that's not SeaSite.

If you really want to see the area, then consider Almond Mountain, a few miles ENE of Red Mountain (I personaly haven't been there). There are some knobs just north of the main peak that look right down into the entire Mojave Test Range. I think it's about 12 miles to SeaSite. It looks like it would be a pretty nasty hike though.

About 6 years ago I did a trip to Quail Peak, near the extreme SW corner of Death Valley. It had a commanding view of the Mojave Test Range, and SeaSite was quite visible, as well as all the other facilities. SeaSite is only one small portion. Since it wasn't A51 stuff, I never posted the trip report. If you're looking for adventure, then that's the trip for you.


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