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Message posted by gary on January 22, 2003 at 8:33:37 PST:

Technically anyone who owns a house owns their sidewalk and all the land right up to the center of the street. Of course, your legals rights are very limited in these public areas. At least that is how it works in California. Just check the parcel maps.

You can often get rooms at the Tropica for as low as $49 to stay in the Island Tower (mid week during non-peak times). Those rooms only go as high as the 17th floor if I recall correctly. Once I called to get rates, then just walked in and got a lower price. You tell them you want a room as high as possible facing the airport. These are the least desirable rooms so generally they are happy to let you stay there.

The long term parking garage at McCarrin is a good place to take photos of the Janet terminal. You are not very close, but the angle is right to see the terminal. From the long term parking, you can't see people getting on or off the planes, but you can watch cargo loaded onto the jets. I have never been bothered by security in the parking garage while taking photos, but my cover story would be that I need to check out my photo hardware before getting on a flight.

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