San Luis Valley Anomalies

Message posted by Danny on January 03, 2001 at 02:39:48 EST:

I have been extremely interested in the San Luis Valley. This valley is where there are weird and amazing anomalies accuring all the time like cattle mutilations which animals were found with perfect incisions in the side of it's head with the eyeball missing and his or her sex organs missing were so perfect our current surgical tools could not come close to compare. The cattles mutilations also would be found with no such blood in there bodys or in the surrounding areas which is another Mystery. There are also numerous sightings of UFO's in the sky at night which are reported all the time. The San Luis Valley is located in the southern part of Colorado. There is a investigator which lives there who documents the weird anomalies named christopher O, Brian. He has made his documents into books which the title of these are "The Mysterious Valley" and"Enter The Valley". When I visited Rachel Nevada Last week I met Chuck Clark who is a resident that resides in the Rachel area, we discussed this topic. He told me of chemical or biological weapon the government was working on at the time which could be injected into a living organism and would vaporise (turn it into a gas) the blood of that animal or living thing. This determines the reason why the cattles were found with no trace of blood. Alot of witness also reported smelling a medicine odor while in the vicinity of a mutilated cow or animal. Chuck Clark also pointed out that when a cow or animal was mutilated with no blood all scavengers would stay away from the dead mutilated animal cause there was no blood. So this now brings argument to some of the mutilation accounts on which the mutilation was not discovered till a few days after the initial death of the animal, the animals were later found with no blood and were mutilated but there was also teeth marks which proved a scavenger could have already gotten to it which this must prove that some of the documentations were false. The cattle had to have blood left to attract the scavengers. I just wanted to bring this subject to other peoples attention. Just somthing more to think about. Before I end this, does anyone else know anymore information about these cases of cattle mutilations in the San Luis Valley or now anywhere else for there are now cases being reported all over the U.S. like: Red Bluff California 1996, 14 heads were mutilated. There are more accuring now all over. I hope this arouses curiosity and satisfies others.


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