Cammo visit on GLR at night.

Message posted by Mike on January 08, 2003 at 5:36:18 PST:

Back in September I made it to "Area 51 Country" basically in the middle of the night the day before I was supposed to meet Gary in Tonopah and decided to just car camp until sunrise. Figured a good place to just sit would be pulled off to the far right side of Groom Lake Road about a mile down from 375 (thought it would be far enough from the border to not be a concern and I get spooked if I'm by the border by myself anyway!). Set the scanner full blast on the one good Groom Lake tower freq. I knew and pretty much dozed off. Couple hours later I woke up and realize there are headlights coming towards me down GLR - another watcher? Not this late on a Tuesday? Turn on my parking lights and a Cammo Chevy cruises past not slowing or stopping. Now this is funny - where'd he come from? Didn't think they EVER got out this far from the border. Now I've got the binocs out and see a set of headlights in the distance way up above the Cammo dustcloud facing me. Now another set above the first set. Gary later tells me they have a regular routine where they go out one of the roads and cruise down the highway in the valley and then head back to the border. Anyone else ever experience anything like this? I had thought the Cammos didn't come out as far as the highway.

Mike (Sedalia for those longtime forum readers)


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