About that Bear

Message posted by C3 on January 07, 2003 at 17:29:41 PST:

To pick up on a previous topic...

I see Bob (known to us as SNAFU) has been engaged in diolog about the bear tracks we found a couple of years ago. It is true. I am trying to get the actual photo's from TRACKER. I'll repeat the same thing I think Bob covered, but TRACKER took the photo's to a co-worker on a Search and Rescue team he is assigned to. The co-worker evidently is a member of the Calif. Dept. of Forestry, Fresno Office. The photo was identified as that of a bear. It is remarkable. Bear does not seem like a likely animal in those parts, but I've never spoken with a Nevada wildlife expert.

So, anyways, I'll dp what I can to post that photo someday. I think it would interest everyone.

(Bob, I'm just glad you had your dog with you.)

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