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Message posted by Tom on January 04, 2003 at 14:22:39 PST:

What Freeman called the "City of the Dead", (a quite poetic description, BTW), was in fact Area 27 of the NTS. When "devices" (the polite word for bombs) were assembled or stored at the NTS, this was where it was done. It was also used for Plutonium storage, which explains all the high security. It also would explain why some of the security folks there were fired or reprimanded after Freeman's little stroll: It was right through the heart of the most sensitive area in the NTS. Nice job guys!

I use the past tense here in regard to Area 27, as its duties were supposed to have shifted to the Device Assembly Facility in Area 6, upon its completion, which should have occurred. If you're on Mt. Sterling, you can see the DAF as a big white thing south of CP-1. Also the NTS tours go by it.


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