Re: Aurora technologies and militairy?

Message posted by Tim on January 03, 2003 at 5:01:28 PST:

Hi Jorit, My thoughts on the subject :-)

Wouldnt it be lovely to have to have such a plane like the probable "Aurora" for a multitude of tasks fighter/bomber/spy. Problems to overcome would be :-
Fighter, Being a human and turning fast at mach 6-8.. ouch.. I wouldnt want to be the pilots body.
Bomber:- At a lower altitude maybe, but considering the accuracy of such aircraft needs to be taken into consideration. Laser tracking a bomb at 100,000 ft to a target the size of a car.. and again at such speeds would it be feasible. You would be 1000 miles away before the bomb hit home.. As for Nulears Missiles, How about the particle beam that Tom Mahood theorised on. With Starwars out of the question, perhaps this type of device could destroy such missles, then a Nuke would no longer be a real threat anymore.

Just my thoughts or as they say $0.02 worth.

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