Re: Guys, it could be anything! thank's zipper

Message posted by Aaron Johnson on January 01, 2003 at 22:15:26 PST:

yepp so let me add B-17, oh and thank's.. magoo forgot about f-5, B-52 although recon platform mission profile pretty much doubt, but the govt is going down the road of Ebenezer Scrooge, not faster and cheaper, the better these days oh and of course not forget the
S-4 LZRARV: Bob Lazar, Sport Model "Alein Reproduction Vehcile"-Vinatge 1995. Im sure that one is on everybody's back order list.

just poking fun Happy New Year jeorg and all, including
echelon and carnivore personnel MIA,DIA,CIA, Air force intel langley and any and all other gov't Elint, operatives, looking this message and still no thank you from the merry christmas boy these gov't spooks are a tough crowd! sheesh!

Aaron J.

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