Re: what is actually known about the tr3b?

Message posted by shadeone on December 31, 2002 at 14:16:27 PST:

teh tr-3b that is being discussed is not the black manta or black manta looking craft...

the person who made all these BS claims is named edgar fouche and he tours places and ufo lectures and writes books about this and other technology that he says he knows exists. however, when it comes to the aurora program he says that is consists of the sr-75 penetrator and a scrampjet (or something along those lines)... and that the tr-3b has nothing to do with those two, but is a part of the aurora program..

it seems to me that this guy picked up the two testors models, read a book about hypersonic and extraterrestial travel and is now making a living claiming that he knows all this crap.

he is not talking about a b-2 looking tr-3a black manta, he is talking about the craft half way down this page

when i emailed him about testors and his claims he could not come up with anything other than "i have not seen the model you describe"..... f*** that.. how in the hell are you gonna be involved with researching the aurora program and never have heard of the testors model?... this guy pisses me off..


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