back gate

Message posted by misa on December 31, 2002 at 13:56:12 PST:

just a quick question, considering the high security standards at the front gate to area 51 (entrance from Groom Lake road) why is it that the back gate to area 51 is so leniant, meaning you can actually drive up to the border of the guard shack. It strikes me as odd because I thought the facility doesn't want to be recognized and observed, and a visible guard shack off a main highway gives away that a secret or important facility is present in that area. So I was just wondering if anyone can explain the difference in security measures.

(And another thing, if the facility wants to scare intruders by use of signs, cameras and friendly looking comando dudes, why doesn't it display some heavy automatic or programed weapons. It would be much more effective as threat rather than a sign...after all talk is cheap.)



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