Re: Cammo Dude Antennas

Message posted by gary on December 30, 2002 at 17:21:36 PST:

I've watched the camo dudes use radios in their trucks, so certainly they have a land mobile set-up, i.e. they are not using portable radios, though they probably have them as well. Since they have mobile radios, they need antennas.

You can scan the 400 to 420 Mhz band and hear the digital trunking radios in operation. I've got a list of the frequencies, though I can't get my trunk tracker II to follow the system.

Those low profile antennas are quite common in the land mobile radio business. Generally they are used to:
1) make the vehicle stealth
2) make the vehicle garage parkable
3) keep the antenna out of trees and other things that can snag an antenna
4) reduce the range of the radio to guard the input frequencies

I think only item 4 is meaningful to the camo dude operation. I personally don't have any input frequencies to the Groom Lake system, so it certainly stopped me.

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