Re: what is actually known about the tr3b?

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on December 30, 2002 at 6:09:20 PST:

Interesting technique of starting a story with a fact and expanding into fantasy - you'd make a good newspaper reporter. But what do we know?
1. SOMETHING is flying that is loud, big, and has a sharp delta-wing body. It has been flying for many years and may or may not be associated with the failed space plane project. Remember the failure of the project was not in the craft, but the external tank, and the original project may have been an off-shoot of a military project (remember the government NEVER buys just ONE of something).
2. The SOMETHING uses a pretty conventional engine that sucks air in the front and exhausts hot gases out back. the stuff in between is what has got the engineers busy. We know it's loud, probably pulses (smoke on a rope), and has high consumption of whatever fuels it.
3. It's stealthy and fast and has been all around the world. Maybe limited operational use already.
4. Groom Lake (AREA 51) has had a huge resurgance of activity in the last few years with new owners, gates, security, runways, and unknown excavation projects. Whatever is going on it's worthwhile enough to commit funds that WOULD be going elsewhere because the USAF LOVES to buy shiney things that fly instead of digging holes in the dirt. That means that they are up to something that will eventually produce something shiney that flies.

Anything else we can classify as "we know"?

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