Re: Human Clone Born

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on December 28, 2002 at 7:10:34 PST:

I am dissappointed. Here we are almost in 2003 and all the visions of a future we dreamed about are unfulfilled. If Monty Python could have designed what we are seeing now, it would be less bizzarre. We don't have rocket cars and jet packs, but we have a cult who cloned one of their own special idiots. Let's just throw Charles Manson in a Xerox and see what comes out. Just like TV and politics, let's not get the best and brightest, but the lowest denominator that ignores the qualities we aspire to reap the benefit of the science breakthroughs we have been working a whole species to achieve. Stephen Hawkins, Mother Theresa, or any world peacemaker would have been a superior choice than a girl from a group that thinks they are descended from aliens. Personally, if I was an alien on shore leave on this planet I really would use protection for my own health - if you know what I mean. At least I wouln't hang out around trailer parks to find earth women. "Hey baby, I'm from Laberia Minor, and that's a nice double-wide you've got there". It's the new milennia and we don't have flying cars, world peace, and a solution to global pollution. We do have idiots replacating at will, groups in holy genocide because of generations old grudges, and kids still going to bed hungry all over the world. Maybe it's time the people who DO have a half a brain start speaking out and demanding that the idiots move over and shut up. Let's get smart and stop the morons from ruling the media and running our sciences. Let's get back into space as explorers, not a bus drivers, let's use our science to make sure the BEST amoung us has a chance to fullfill their hope of helping humanity out of the tight jam we've put ourselves in. Let's put the Raleians out of the mainstream where the media has thrust them, and back in the tabloid classifieds where they belong "SWM looking for Alien M/F claws and tenticles OK". Let's get smart folks - the revolution is over and we lost - the idiots have won.

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