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Message posted by Aaron Johnson on December 25, 2002 at 3:45:06 PST:

Well had a good time at coyote summit got buzzed not real close oh say about 200-300 feet AGL or actually AMH. AMH= Above My Head, ha ha :) Also cedar pass maybe a good spot, uh hanging around rachel the half way spot between the back gate and little ale 'inn. caught some action there too. Oh you have got to have a scanner to hear the good stuff, must recieve freq range between the 200 thru 400 no gap in this area!. Had good time in August although highly recommend U catch the 2nd week of the exercie should be a little bit better. If they notice people watching, if they can do that, they'll hang around rachel on 2 occasions this seemed to be the case! had excellent view of a furball between f-15 and f-16. made my stay at little ale'inn great. At night watched for UFO's near box or for something out of the black and day time got an airshow it was great for me anyway. If you scroll back to around august postings in this discussion forum U should see my postings. It's going to be cold up there so be advied!.

Best Regards and Wishes
Aaron Johnson

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