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Not that hard to work there. Take a look on Do a search for jobs in vegas and use the word "clearance" as your keyword. Quite a few jobs will pop up. Most of the jobs require at least a TS (topsecret). After you are hired you have to obtain a TS/SCI/POLY. Just a poly test and a lil more background checking. Most people that have a clearance are former military.

As for being assigned there, i know the airforce units there send a request for individuals to AFPC at Randolph AFB, TX to fill positions in the unit. Randolph then sends them back a list of eligible people that have at least a TS and are 5 Level in their AFSC. They look over the list to see if there are anyone that they know from past assignments. IE " ohh yeah i worked with bob when i was in korea, great guy" After that then the individuals are picked from the most eligble to the least. Cool thing about that is once you are in a SAP (special access program) you pretty much just stay in those types of assignments until you retire or seperate. Lots of fun and great TDY's!

anyway thoses are a couple of ways that i know how.

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