Re: covered ryder truck what do you all think

Message posted by Rocketfox on December 22, 2002 at 22:40:36 PST:

That's indeed where Ft Bragg i.


I saw these photos some time ago, and the story that came with it. with the caveat {as near as I can remember} these photos were taken at Fort Braggs OK, a different place entirly. the photographer was aboard an ultralight which subsequently crashed and he was taken into some type of custody. he had buried the film {I think} and retrieved it later after his release. As I recall Fort Braggs is/was a Reserve or National Guard base, and was "secured". also, this picture is alledged to have been taken prior to the Oklahoma City bombing, which was the reason for it being significant.

Again, this is from memory, and that was millions of words ago..

But it gives you a place to start a search. I do remember I came across this on a website, somwhere, possibiy geocities.


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