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Message posted by gary on December 16, 2002 at 23:38:38 PST:

Like I said, the odds of gun law enforcement are zip, but you are on your own. I do think that the camo dudes and security forces may act differently if they see you are armed.

There were those two hunters a few months ago who crossed into the NTTR chasing after game. Doh! Somebody posted the link from the LVRJ. It turns out being on military land with a weapon is a big deal.

I did a post about my encounter with two dove hunters near the ranch at Cedar Pass. I drove up "their hill" and disturbed the birds, but after a little discussion we all agreed it was our hill, not their hill. Anyway, they told me one time they were hunting in the same area when I pack of teenagers with multicolor hair showed up. These kids were shooting whatever moved and whatever didn't move and scared the those hunters enough that they got out of Dodge City. These guys were ex-military and I wouldn't peg them as the type who scare easily. They also gave me a few hinding spots of the HIND, though I didn't have any luck that day.

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