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Message posted by gary on December 16, 2002 at 22:04:03 PST:

I'm a bit skeptical myself about the bear, but who knows. Pepper spray is the right way to go. Bears can take quite a few bullets. [Technically, you can't bring a loaded gun to Tikaboo since you are going through the DNWR, though the chances of enforcement are very low.] One thing we have never done but I will start doing in the future is to not bring food into the tent. I don't think I go through the efforts of hanging my food in a tree, but I will be more careful about where I park my food at night.

Regarding the trip up Tikaboo, I'd take a GPS and at least log where you park your truck.

The first time I climbed Tikaboo, I did it by myself using the waypoints on this site. I got to the false summit and then the lightning started. Personally, lightning scares me more than wild animals. I've never encountered anything dangerous around Groom Lake except for Steve's cattle with those horns, but have had a plenty close calls in the San Francisco Bay Area. Twice with a mountain lion (both within 6 ft of me and fortunately running by me), bobcats too often to count, a coyote (not too dangerous) and countless snakes. I talked with the local ranger and their advice is to use a walking stick. Soft soled shoes are just too quiet for most animals, but the stick hitting the ground does the job. Also, if there is a snake on the path, the stick would be a target. Fortunately in the desert, you can see snakes much easier than in the grass.

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