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Some cold weather gear!

This reminds me of something, did anyone happen to read about the bear tracks that C3 and a few of our friends found by the border of A51 about 2 years ago? We took photos of the fresh tracks (It rained that night and morning so we knew they were fresh) and a guy from some Cali forest service (Not sure which one) looked at the photos and ID'd them as bear tracks. Here is what Majestic wrote about it...

SAT. OCT 28th

The next morning a couple of returned from an early hike to report that they had discovered some very large tracks only a few hundred yards from our campsite. They lead the rest of us to them, and indeed, they were huge. In fact, they were about the same size as my own foot, only these tracks obviously belonged to an animal, and judging from how deep they were, a very heavy animal at that! The tracks seemed very fresh, we could only assume they were made the night before while we slept. The strides were almost three times that of a normal human step. Though it was hard to believe, we all knew that these tracks ha to belong to a bear.
Armed with a can of pepper spray, a few of us not-so-bright adventurers decided to follow the tracks and see if we could get a look at the beast ourselves. Because the tracks were so fresh, they were east to follow. Fortunately for us, time constraints forced us to give up our search before we ran into our new friend, whom Tracker had taken to calling "Yogi". (Note: A couple of weeks later a Forest Ranger confirmed by looking at photos of the tracks, that they did in fact belong to a bear)

Has anyone SEEN a bear out there?

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