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Message posted by gary on December 15, 2002 at 12:32:13 PST:

I have a project in the works that documents the "terraholes" [missing areas in the terraserver.] There are a few holes I want to investigate before I put it on my website. However, if you want to just find the missing coverage yourself, I'd suggest getting the program from, DSL/Cable, and have a few gigs of hard drive space handy. There is a similar freeware program called UPAPhotoMaps that can be downloaded at . I got tired of the bugs in USAPhotoMaps and just paid for expertgps, though the latest rev of USAPhotoMaps can place the contour lines on the photo, which is a good feature if you are planning a hike. Expertgps seems pretty robust, though you will need to run the beta version to get around a bug that occurs when you cross UTM boundaries. Not only is ExpertGPS useful for planning, but the program comes in handy for reviewing where you have been. That was how I found the satellite photo of the white bus, i.e. just clicking on a waypoint. You can also find roads and trails not on the topo maps.

If you want to look for interesting holes in the coverage, basecamp is a good place to start. Regarding areas just showing up on the terraserver, the image scanning is an on-going project. Area 19 used to not be covered until perhaps a year ago.

The circular areas around area 19 with the double fencing are probably contaminated. If you take the NTS tour, there isn't much in the way of fences unless the spot is hot. The plutonium dispersal test areas closer to the TTR are fenced off as well, but only a single fence.

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