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Looks used, and abandoned. Perfect cover..

Here's my candidate:

It's in Area *18* but looks viable. has access, and is logistics-friendly.

A few notes:

While I was looking around, I found the topo map very useful. also widening out the scale to 10x10 , though it takes longer for things to load.

Additionally, in looking at the *big* picture {64m/p & up} it's instructive to note large areas that are absent coverage.

A thought kept running through my head:

"What's important is to lieten to what he's *not* saying"

or, in this case, "what he's *not* showing"

Considering all the notoriety of A51 and it's reduced effectiveness as a *secret* facility. it seems reasonable to me that any follow-on facility would be much more tightly controlled, media-wise.
Were it me, I'd not allow *any* mention of it, and excercise considerable shutter control in the effort to make it as *black* as possible.
Plaicing it in an area where it cannot be observed from any public vantage point would be a great start, and then excercising considerable control over public documentation would be paramount, in my opinion.

The strip here has several things going for it. it's not all that far from transportation,is not readily observable from public areas, yet is not all that far from the Groom Support Facility. Think of it as an adjunct base out of sight, where operationsd could be performed during daylight hours with reduced possibility of observation.

That's presuming, as I said earlier, that there's a picture of such an area available at all. you will note large portions of nearby terrain that are totally obscured *for security reasons*

I don't have a problem with that, the public does not need to know everything, no matter how curious we may be. Actually, I'm of two minds on that one, I'd *like* to know or else I wouldn't be here. On the other hand, I don't really *need* to know, in the overall interest of protecting my country.
The only real area where these two thoughts collide is when it comes to fraud and waste or hazardous conditions covered up by the implementation of the "national security" cover as a method of dodging accountability. This -to me- is unconscionable.

Either way, it's fun looking at topo maps and pictures, and trying to discern what's in that particular area. I imagine the guys at work are laughing up their collective sleeves.. {we're under the poster-board cover, and they can't see us...}

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