Re: Glenn Cambell Wherabouts?

Message posted by Chris on December 14, 2002 at 19:33:36 PST:

I was thinking the same, about Glenn having married a few years back. But I suppose it's possible that he may no longer be married. Also, I have been watching that profile for quite some time and if I remember correctly that link to his bookstore wasn't always there. So I personally, believe it has been updated not too long ago in the past. I had him buddy listed for awhile and never once saw him log on under that screen name, so it could very well be an old profile. As for Don Emory, if you want to find him (I have heard through the grapevine) that he and his father have picked up and moved out to Utah. I heard something about the Green River Complex there and Don wanting a fresh start and maybe a new website there. Don got pissed at me once because I posted that sighting of the oversized F-117 Joerg made awhile back and he removed my post from his message board because it contained a link to the DLR forum where the article could be seen. I questioned him on it and it went totally downhill from there, eventually I was banned from the message board alltogether. As for his comments on Rachel, I can't say for sure what's happening there. I mean if you think about it, Rachel, is in the middle of nowhere and such activity could go unnoticed by the law for quite some time with the proper connections. But I doubt it. He definantly didn't like you though Joerg, he told me many times. I believe the word he used was "douchebag". Have a good one fellas!

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