The Diversion Tactic

Message posted by Dalcy on December 14, 2002 at 17:45:28 PST:

We all have heard about the conspiracy of the Lunar Landings in which some say that they never even happened, and were infact staged somewhere on Earth. ( One theory being that they were staged at Area 51) The lunar landings had perfect timing;The Cold War. What a perfect time to restore the nation's confidence right? I am not necessarily aggreeing...just leading up to the tactic of diversion and it being applied to Area 51. After the Roswell New Mexico incident, A.51 went "deep black" and dissappeared off maps and became seemingly non-existent. Then years later, the government stopped denying its existence, and we obtained satellite images of the Groom Lake Base, along with video of the strange happenings that occur there etc. Why would they allow something that was so secretly guarded, to become the catch of the public eye? True we don't know exactly what occurs within, but we still KNOW of it. And that in itself can be more than enough. My thoughts are that it is a Diversion...while they have our attention on one place, they are carrying out in another. Most likely there is many secret bases and compounds all around us. There has been claims of an...Area 19....I believe is what it has been called....and I don't doubt it. But the thing is....what are they diverting are eyes from??? Testing their advancements in reverse engineering of the Alien technology??? Or something else?? ... Who knows. (Besides them ofcourse) So as you sit here reading this, the Area 51 compound could be completely empty, and all the busing and flieing in that happens everyday is merely a facade to keep our attention on something that could house nothing more than dust. If this is the case,...ladies and gentlemen we have been had. hmmmmm....interesting isn't it?


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