Re: area 51

Message posted by Hank on December 12, 2002 at 18:47:32 PST:

What keeps me interested is I dont know that nothing is happening. Just because I dont see it or hear it doesnt mean that something is not happening.I live in Phoenix and am fortunate enough to be able to be in the area frequently.If the truth were known I have never seen anything that cant be easily explained. (with the exception of why their are no fries at the Inn) I never saw anything that I could say was an Aurora, or a flying disk of any kind, or little green or grey men.I keep going back out of curiosity, and the chance that I will see something. The Janets are still flying in everyday and the bus is on GLR taking workers in everyday.People are going to work, so something is going on and what it may be will be leaked or revealed and then we will know what that something was that is going on.
Keep looking to the sky

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