unknown craft

Message posted by the-PARADOX on December 10, 2002 at 12:08:00 PST:

New here, was asked to post to this site in hopes someone could comment on this.
1996, Nevada, dusk, state highway.
Unrecognizable aircraft (not airplane, yet had airplane marker lights or similar) about the size of a piper cub, flying in a U shaped pattern- over and over and over except it didnt turn in a conventional manner. It went up, down, over, up, down, over, etc... about half a mile vertically, a mile horizontally, and it never turned, slowed, or banked. the direction of movement changed in an instant and no matter what it was doing the speed never changed. Reminded me of planes doing "touch-and-go" exercises. Forget the G forces on a pilot, should have rocked the bolts loose holding the thing together. After about ten minutes it flew directly away from us much faster than it did the U manuvers but it never accelerated. it instantly was going a lot faster than it had been. were several of us (truck drivers) that pulled over to watch this for a good ten minutes and were talking about it on the CB as it was happening. I dont remember the highway??? but this thing was maybe two miles or so away from the road and the U pattern was done almost parallel to the road.


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