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Message posted by gary on December 09, 2002 at 12:11:22 PST:

I would bet that groom lake has a few "foreign exchange" phone lines. If your not familiar with the concept, a foreign exchange phone line is set up so that it has a prefix that is normally assigned to another location. For example, they could have phone lines that look as is they are located in Las Vegas.

These lines aren't just for spooks. I worked at a company where we had such a line and a fake name to go with it so that the competition would sell us parts, which of course we would take apart to study.

I don't have my Lincoln County phone book handy, but is 384 a valid prefix for the area? Incidentally, numbers that start with 9 in the last 4 digits are often payphones. There used to be this rule that you couldn't call a number like xxx-9xxx collect because it wasn't a regular phone, i.e. it would be a pay phone, loop around, etc. It may not be true anymore.

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