Re: 8-engined commercial plane?

Message posted by Ralf S. on December 07, 2002 at 12:08:54 PST:

I'm thinking it was commercial as it was in the same flightpath as other planes that fly into LAX, I work just east of downtown Los Angeles and airplanes coming from the north turn east just over the ocean, fly over downtown, then make a large semi circle to approach LAX from the east, was that confusing enough? :) Anyway, I see/hear airplanes fly over every few minutes and yesterday I just happened to look up at this 747-sized plane, it was quite huge! I was directly below it and could not make out any of the markings on the sides of the plane to determine what airline/cargo company it belonged to. But I could see it was a light color, very large (747ish) and had instead of one engine per nacelle, it had a pair, two nacelles per wing, four pairs totaling 8 engines. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a B-52 as I think their wings are long and skinny, these were quite wide, had I not really paid attention at the wings, I would have dismissed it as just another 747. Thanks for the info.

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