Re: Area 51 North Gate building numbers

Message posted by gary on December 05, 2002 at 23:33:06 PST:

The task of searching this site would be nearly impossible. Even if you found something that looked right, it doesn't mean you have a match since all radomes look similar. The white plastic is pretty generic with a simple task: keep out the element and let the radio waves (or perhaps just the B field) get through.

I think the best clue is the fact that Joerg says Nellis has one as well. If it is possible to get really close to the one at Nellis, maybe a frequency counter will pick something up. However, the fact that the white thing is low to the ground means the signal is not meant to travel very far on the horizon. It could be that a quadrifilar helix is under the plastic for satellite work, but then why not just put the thing on one of the buildings? Inmarsat, GPS, satphone?

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