Government ethics

Message posted by Darkhorse on December 04, 2002 at 16:49:25 PST:

Sent this letter today to state senators will have to wait for reply...should be interesting

Government Ethics

Government getting involved in business ethics is wrong. MCI WorldCom and Enron are two examples of corporate Americas CEO’s taking advantage of bookkeeping and lining their pockets, while investors believe that the company is doing well. To have government oversee large corporations bookkeeping when the government itself has ethical problems is like the blind lead the blind or worse the devil leading the sheep to greener pastures.

The Main reason for writing the letter was to inquire about Government black budgets that spend trillions of dollars without taxpayer’s knowledge, which goes back to the ethics issue. Being a taxpayer and a republican I wholeheartedly feel that the cold war is over and we need to rethink what is to be kept secret and what is not. Serving in the military for 5 years and having a high security clearance I noticed that a classification of secret or top-secret was trivial and anyone with enough intelligent to research could get the information. These classifications cost taxpayers money and knowledge of what is our American right to know.

I will accept that some things are to be classified for public safety. But shouldn’t there be oversight committees to decide below questions.

1. Classification was started in 1940 shouldn’t this be reviewed (this is a little outdated)?
2. Who decides what is classified (military officials that do not have to answer to the general public)?
3. Where is all the money going (That’s a secret)?
4. What is the money being used for (new swimming pool)?

In closing I feel very strongly about the truth so if at all possible please follow-up on this until it is reviled

Thank you for your time


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